8 Facts About Fast Food Restaurants

8 Facts About Fast Food Restaurants

Instead of learning how to cook tasty and healthy dishes, pergale chocolate and literally whatever you like at french classes in boston many of us choose the easier and not right way. The most popular eatery everyone knows and adores are fast food restaurants. An almost 90 percent of American children visit it on a monthly basis. But does anyone know what horrible fast food secrets stay behind such crazy statistics?

Fast food stores fully satisfy our needs. That is why we don’t pay much attention to the widely spread and horrifying fast food facts. Be sure, restaurateurs don’t want you to know them, but here are 8 interesting facts about fast food you should know.

The interesting fact about fast food concerns the success of fast food stores is that they are fast. Today, we don’t have enough time to admire the beauty of restaurant tables Chicago, fascinating flower centerpieces or décor details.

1.  It sells affordable food much more expensive – restaurants tend to fill food with high fructose syrup. This sweetener is cheap and tricks your body. It’s like a drug, you want more and more of it.

2.   Some salads have horrible fast food secrets inside – very often ready to serve salads happens to stay in the refrigerator for many days until somebody orders it. Moreover, almost every salad has the same amount of calories as one Big Mac. One of the last disgusting fast food facts is that ingredients are not well washed, and very often poor quality is masked with the help of spicy sauces.

3.   It is impossible to find out the origin of meat – the burger you order may contain meat from up to 100 cows. As a rule, meat is mixed at an initial stage.

4.   McNuggets are made of pink goop – such a goop is a mixture of mechanically separated chickens’ meat with bones and guts. It is not a pleasant sight.

5.  Fast food burgers remain unchanged for years – now it’s not about a recipe or a traditional serving. A couple of years ago a man came to the TV show with saved fast food burger. The dish looks like 14 years ago. Some people consider it to be a fun fast food fact but, who knows, it may be true. The number of preservatives and chemicals inside can impress.

6.  Fast food store has an ingredient used both in subway bread and yoga mats – azodicarbonamide is the name given to the agent widely used as a bleaching one or as a dough conditioner in food. Moreover, This ingredient increases the elasticity of the material and goes to a fast food restaurant bakery as well as synthetic leather goods or rubber shoes.

7.   Coke could help you in the household – it is an indispensable cleaner every housewife may even dream about. Pour a bottle of cola in a toilet bowl and wait for an hour. The result will definitely impress you. It is hard to believe, what this substance could do with our kids’ stomachs.

8.   You favorite milkshake with berries is made without berries – the truth is, an average milkshake can be prepared without milk as well as without berries. It contains over 50 different chemicals which are harmful to our health and wellbeing.

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