Exploring Erlangen in Cologne

Exploring Erlangen in Cologne

Erlangen! Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it. Erlangen is a small city very near Nuremberg, most well-known for being home to:

a) lots of medics and hospitals;

b) Siemens;

c) the annual Bergkirchweih

However, Erlangen tends to get overlooked by tourists, who favor the more famous likes of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bamberg, Coburg, and Würzburg. Erlangen isn’t a tourist hot-spot like Tokyo with all its kawaii shops full of league of legends dakimakura but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit.

After having a good ole catch-up over tea and the German attempt at HobNobs (amusingly called”Hobbits”), you can set off on a stroll into town. Down the main street, the whole city is centered around one road, but the classic Bavarian architecture makes it so much more charming than a usual British high street, for example. After grabbing sandwiches, you can find a sunny spot in the pretty Schlossgarten and sit down on the grass to munch our lunch amongst the roses and fountain.

Enjoy many of the pretty uni buildings walking down the city into the Aromagarten for a wander amongst the flowers. You sure do get all sorts of pretty aromas, fragrances and perfumes wafting up your nostrils! It’s a veritable feast for the nose. Not to mention pretty.

Then walk down by the river, and although still in Erlangen it can be felt almost like you are in the middle of the countryside. Erlangen’s Berg AKA big hill is also a must-see.

This is the location for Erlangen’s famous Bergkirchweih: a big traditional festival which takes place at the beginning of June for a couple of weeks each year. It’s a bit like Oktoberfest apparently, but even more German as it’s not so known amongst tourists.

After soaking up the relaxed afternoon atmosphere and the fresh air, wander to a local cafe to drink tea. When it goes about dinner, EPIC Schnitzel is the right place. It’s pretty normal to find Schnitzel on a traditional German menu, but never before you have seen so many different variants. We can bet!

Standard Schnitzel is a classic but got to the new level and try this yummy adding topping to the meaty, Schnitzel base. Kinda like a pizza, but with Schnitzel for dough. The mind boggles. The restaurant isn’t in the center of Erlangen, but rather in Alt-Erlangen, in a quiet area of mainly people’s houses. It’s a bit of a hidden gem.

To be honest, getting through just one of the Schnitzels is not for the faint-hearted (or the measly of appetites), so you will feel no shame in taking home your second one.

Arriving in Cologne, you should explore as much as possible! The Cathedral and trendy Opera House I went down to the River Rhein for a stroll by the boats. You will definitely become a big fan of these colorful houses. Walking through the old town and around this very international area is a great idea. Then back up to the cathedral.

We hope you will enjoy your trip to these marvelous places. Share your impressions and interesting seesights with us.

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