How Many Hours of Sleep Do Kids and Babies Need?

How Many Hours of Sleep Do Kids and Babies Need?

For babies, children and teens sleep is even more important than for an adult. Why? Because sleep is necessary to support physical as well as mental development of the child.

Lack of sleep may negatively affect your child’s health. It can lead to various illnesses. Thus, it is important to buy a comfortable bed for your kid. With a good mattress, your baby will fall asleep immediately and wake up cheerful, active and happy (it also concerns of adults who choose a good mattress to support their body; read Tempurpedic Cloud Loft reviews).

So how many hours of sleep do kids need? Let’s find out more about the sleep cycle and its length.

Sleep Cycle

Baby sleep cycles appear before birth. A couple of days after birth, the child sleeps almost a whole day. The length of the sleep cycle lasts for 30-50 minutes and it increases with child maturation. Newborns’ sleep is divided into two cycles: active and fast. Active sleep in the first days after birth is transformed into a quick sleep, which begins to filter information, develop the brain of the baby and stimulate its height. A part of fast sleep decreases with baby’s growth.


Young families are always interested in the question: ” How many hours should a baby sleep?” The length of the sleep cycle for a child depends on its age.

– 1-4 months=14-15 hours a day

– 4-12 months=14-15 hours a day

– 1-3 years=14 hours a day

– 3-6 years=10-12 hours a day

– 7-12 years=10-11 hours a day

– 12-18 years=8-9 hours a day


Sleep is the main component of a healthy life. Children form their personality, so it is worth paying close attention to sleep. Sleep also affects mood. When your baby wakes up in the morning with a bad mood, it is the reason for bad night sleep. Thus, you need to do your best in order to prevent this problem.


What could be better for a dream than mom’s lullaby? This is a good way to put your baby in bed because nothing will calm down better than a mother’s voice. Such lullabies leave good memories of your baby and can positively affect your baby’s sleep. You need not only worry about how many hours your baby needs to sleep but also do the best to provide your kid with sound sleep.

Sleep can also affect your child both mentally and physically. Healthy sleep promotes the proper development of the baby as well as maturation of the brain.

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