Transform Your Backyard Using These Tips

Transform Your Backyard Using These Tips

While some people google why does lack of sleep cause nausea, in which online shop diverse special deals are offered, where to spend an upcoming weekend etc., the others are looking for the ways to improve their home.

The backyard is usually home to a household’s less attractive features – the washing line, sewerage pipes, kennel, and garbage can. But it can also be a space that’s full of promise. Here’s how to transform your backyard into an outside room.

Stylish and Simple

The color scheme and style of your back garden should match the style of your house, so if you have a Spanish-style house your backyard should follow suit.

If your house has no distinctive style, choose a theme; you may even want to extend it to the rest of your home’s exterior later.


If the idea of a French courtyard appeals to you, scout around garden centers or even junk shops for decorative iron or wire gates in the French style. Wall-mounted plant-holders of iron and wire filled with herbs will complete the picture. For paving, use cobblestones or cream-colored gravel.


For this look, you need accessories of iron and zinc, with gardening tools in aluminum. Team them with gravel or pale pebbles, or even painted concrete.


For an Italian effect, introduce large terracotta pots and potted lollipop-shaped shrubs and lemon trees. Use terracotta tiles as paving, or spread earth-colored gravel.


A Spanish style calls for warm, bright colors and mosaics on pots or walls. Ivy pelargoniums and nasturtiums in wall-mounted pots, along with snow-white daisy bushes, continue the theme. Tiles or mosaics in concrete make ideal flooring here, but you can also opt for flat pebbles set in concrete.


Bright colors such as orange and lime green are essential elements of a Mexican theme, which also features more earthy colors and terracotta. Potted succulents and cacti provide greenery, while the ground should be covered in bark, peach pits or macadamia nutshells – or simply paint existing concrete slabs.


An African-styled back garden calls for natural elements such as clay pots, railway sleepers, and grass screens and mats. Drape beadwork around pots, or hang beads from wall-mounted plant holders for added color and authenticity.


A courtyard or entertainment area in the oriental style features lush foliage in the form of bamboo and tree ferns, along with a small wooden deck. Cover the ground with large pebbles to resemble a riverbed.


You can also completely ignore convention and allow the artist in you free rein by using found items to create a unique style. Paint your walls in bold, bright colors such as orange or turquoise, use old, weathered enamel bowls, jugs or washbasins as planters and create storage with wooden pallets or large concrete blocks for example.

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