What Does “Visa Sponsorship” Mean?

What Does “Visa Sponsorship” Mean?

It is a well-known fact that the United States is aimed at economic development of the country. So, it is not surprising that the government want to attract people with unordinary skills to become citizens of the U.S. They promise future prospects, better life, and could even sponsor a visa for those people. And be sure, the sponsorship visa gives all the opportunities as a United States marriage visa do, but with fewer efforts.

What Is A Visa Sponsorship?

So, let’s figure out wht does immigration sponsorship mean. Naturally, when you travel abroad as a tourist, then you assume the full responsibility of your expenses and any emergency that may be necessary during your stay in. As a rule, it costs you a large sum of money and takes a lot of time. That is why some countries have a concept of a sponsor for a visa.

If you don’t know before what does being a sponsor mean then remember that it is the ability for everyone who would be responsible for your stay in the country can sponsor your visa. For example, if you tend to visit your relatives or close friend you should definitely apply for visit visa. It has some differences with the tourist visa as the person you came to needs to send you an invitation. Moreover, this person is also able to sponsor your stay in a particular country for some period.

How Does Employment Visa Sponsorship Work?

On the other hand, if you are going to take up employment, then the company you plan on working can sponsor your visa. Your visa sponsor must guarantee to the US visa authorities that you will be a legal working resident. What is more, this person should state that you will work the job position you were hired for. It will secure your stay and give more confidence as the employer guarantees you the same salary as a U.S. citizen in the same job position.

Naturally, before hiring an immigrant in the United States of America your employer should prove the authorities that you are better for this position then the resident. So, here is a list of all the categories of immigrants who may rely on employment sponsorships:

•    People with extraordinary abilities in arts, science, business, athletics, or education;

•    Executive managers who have worked at a US company for the past 3 years;

•    Professionals with advanced degrees;

•    Skilled workers with more than 2 years of experience;

•    Professionals with a higher education degree;

•    Unskilled workers with less than 2 years of experience;

•    Various religious, government, or international organizations workers.

What Are Other Categories Of People Who Are Able To Get A Sponsorship Visa?

Student visas could also be sponsored in the U.S. Moreover, there are two classifications to it. According to the first classification, a family can sponsor a foreign student. It could be a sponsorship high school visa as well as a visa for two-year college students. Also, the parents sponsoring the student will receive payment from the government for the exchange student coming from other countries.

On the other hand, the University could also be a sponsor for a visa for a foreign student and receive this payment as well as the foreign exchange student. But it is only for those students whose education process is in a field that is being offered by there country at a University level.

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