What to Put in Shoes on St. Nicholas Day?

What to Put in Shoes on St. Nicholas Day?

This day is especially exciting for children as they count down the days when St. Nicolas comes, takes their letters and leaves them a gift instead. December 6 is not only a long waiting day for children but for adults too. They spend hours searching for the best presents (consider buying car back seat organizer that will be useful for the whole family) to put them in the shoes of their kids, relatives, or friends. 

“The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic Gods giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.”

St. Nicholas of Myra

What Do People Do?

Saint Nicholas Day is a special day for kids as they receive traditional St Nicholas Day gifts. Most of the European cities consider St Nicholas, the patron saint. Therefore, they make presents make different parades and festivals this day. At night children prepare socks or special boots, place them on the windows, in front of the front door or the fireplace. In the morning, they run to see what St. Nicholas left them and check their socks or shoes. 

When Is St. Nicholas Eve?

St. Nicholas Eve is on December 5. On that night, not only children but some adults (who want to enjoy the Christmas spirit) put their socks on shoes out in the hope of getting some presents in the morning. 

St. Nicholas Day Gift Ideas

St. Nicholas Day does not mean buying expensive or large presents. The focus is to share everything you have with others – as St. Nicholas did. Saint Nicholas Day gifts can be small and straightforward, but they should be useful for the whole family (if it is a present for a kid, consider buying presents that children can use with their siblings or friends).

What Are the Traditional St Nicholas Day Gifts?

Here we have provided a shortlist of the most frequent examples of St Nicholas presents one might find in their shoes:

1. Tangerines

Tangerines or oranges are one of the most popular and frequently found rewards in the boots. It is not because of the fantastic smell of incredible taste. Tangerines symbolize the gold balls St. Nicholas would throw to the children.

2. Candy croziers

Candy croziers are shaped after the bishop’s or shepherd’s staff. Such types of candies symbolize St. Nicholas Care and love for people. So, if it is possible, consider buying a couple of chocolate coins to fill your kids’ shoes. 

3. Chocolate coins

Coins (usually chocolate) are a symbol of freedom. It is believed that St. Nicholas throw coins through windows to free servant girls.

4. A small pouch of coins

Prepare a small bag of coins (it could be nickels and quarters). Consider buying a couple of piggy banks as an additional part of the present. It would be a great chance to teach your kids generosity. As, for example, if you gift two piggy banks, the one can be used for donating and the other one for saving. Your task is to let your kid determine how to divide his or her newly acquired coins.

5. Small toys

Every kid likes toys and games. Therefore, no St. Nicholas Day can be imagined without a simple toy or game. Plastic figures, small car toys, dolls, puzzles, balls or new stuffed animals are inexpensive, but they can bring lots of happiness, joy, and fun to your kids. 

No matter what your present is. It is more important to present it from the bottom of your heart to everyone you appreciate and love! Happy St. Nicholas Day 😉

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